In 2018 we asked Liz Lister to arrange a bespoke tour of the Orkneys and Shetland for a group of 20 friends. Not only did she do a spectacular job of researching every hotel, restaurant, place to visit, but she also toured every location to make sure it would be perfect for us. She was the ideal tour leader as well. She brought extensive knowledge of her country’s history and geography, as well as excellent organizational skills, and an unparalleled sense of humour. All the group had a wonderful experience and many said it was the best tour they had ever taken.

We highly recommend Liz for any Scottish excursion – we’re planning another to the Western Isles in 2021!

Gabe and Connie Shelley,Edmonton, Canada

Is Scotland on your “bucket list”? If it is, you won’t want to miss out on what we feel is the BEST guide in the entire country! Liz Lister is knowledgeable, informative, polite, caring and fun! While we were on her tour, she made us feel very welcomed and important. Our satisfaction was her utmost goal.
We went to Scotland looking for an adventure (which we got), and came back with something even better….a friend.

If you are looking for a small group tour guide, Liz Lister gets our unanimous vote!!

Connie and Gary Baskette, Knoxville TN

Liz is a first-class tour guide with comprehensive knowledge of Scotland and the United Kingdom. She is passionate about her home Scotland, its geography, history and culture. We took two 14-days tours with her. We visited well-known tourist sites as well as remote villages. We were exposed to the Scottish people, culture (arts and music), and food as if we were Scots. Her explanations of the land, historical events, Scottish society high and low, and how Scots have influenced the world are exemplary. We especially appreciated her explanations of the connections between North Americans from the US and Canada and people from various parts of Scotland.

Her tours run very smoothly not just because of her diligent preparations for the tours that are beyond the call of duty but also her quick wit and deep knowledge and being able to adapt in times of challenges. Liz is the one you wish and want to guide you no matter where in the world but especially in Scotland.

Irene and Eduardo Feller, La Jolla, California

After exploring Scotland with Liz, we couldn’t imagine the experience with any other tour guide. Liz was warm, welcoming, humorous, and knowledgeable, and most importantly, a perfect representation of her home country. Her background in education, and specifically science, gave us information about Scotland’s natural history that you likely wouldn’t find anywhere else. She will be just as likely to share a wee dram with you, or even dance a jig in a local pub! Liz was truly the best. We will never forgive her for pointing us to the *best* fish and chips shop in Oban because we dream of it still…years later!  And when we return someday, we will definitely seek a reunion with our forever friend.  After all, she needs to meet our favorite souvenir from our trip —our son, James Oban Jarrell!

Zach & Taylor Jarrell, Maryville, TN 

Liz, you are the best of the best !
The combination of your educational background, your many years of leading tours, the knowledge and love of your country and your endearing personality made for an extraordinary visit to Scotland. You were energetic, easy-going, professional, organized, humorous, and oh so much fun! We called her our “Human Google” — she had the answer to any question we asked.

By the time our tour was over, we were already wanting to plan another one with Liz! She is the most wonderful guide, and now we also consider her a wonderful friend. Thank you, dear friend, for a memorable trip to your scenic and historical country.

Carol, Kim and Susie – my “Southern Belles”, Nashville, TN

As the year wanes and I sit back and reflect, it is with a smile that I recount the vacation that my wife and I shared with all of you. Thank you for making the Scotland trip memorable. For sharing bus rides and beers. From castles to cairns. Bagpipes and haggis. Lochs Lomond and Ness. Kings, queens and princes both bonnie or not. 20 minute ferry rides that took me farther from my world than I can get to in a week of flying. Or imagining. Not quite sure where to extend thanks for introducing me to whiskys but, I have the bottles. To all, a tip of the hat and clink of the glass.

John Corona, Texas