Eszter Bokros can offer regular walking tours in Budapest, or if there is any special interest she can adjust for that (eg. architecture, certain historical periods or Jewish heritage).

George Farkas is from Budapest, Hungary with 14 years of guiding experience. He loves what his city has got to offer; the history, architecture, culture, food &wine, spas and the exciting layers of entertainment. He is there to share all that with you when you are ready to explore Budapest.

Istvan  Koteczki is a registered, licensed guide in Hungary. In his city, Szeged, he mainly does classical walking tours. Beside that he offers bike tours, Segway tours, kayak, or canoe tours and boat cruises. Upon request he can also organize gastronomic events; cooking classes, or honey-tasting for example.

Peter Polczman guides local tours of Budapest. Both Pest and Buda take half a day respectively, the full day tour of Budapest includes major sights on both sides. Special tours (museums, architecture & such) are available and so are day-excursions to the countryside or transfers outside the country.