I am experienced in working with corporate groups at a variety of levels. From large incentive groups visiting Scotland as a reward for outstanding performance, to conference attendees and small groups of high-ranking visitors undertaking official business – I am happy to work with the organisers to deliver an experience that strikes just the right note!

Quality of life is an important factor when considering a career move. I work with employers to provide orientation visits – introducing a potential employee to the amenities of an area including schools and housing. This can play a significant part in attracting a high-calibre applicant in a competitive environment.

Drawing on my extensive experience and wide network of contacts across the education sector, I work with universities, colleges and schools to provide orientation and induction events.

“Liz Lister has looked after a lot of my clients over the past few years and all I hear is glowing feedback. My clients are happy, I am happy, everyone is happy. If you are looking for a BBG who knows how to look after your clients and tells Scotland’s story in a understandable friendly way then Liz is the lady for you.”
William Sleigh, W L Sleigh Ltd: Chauffeur Services by Royal Appointment