What I offer

I provide guiding services to a variety of clients and recognise that one size very definitely does not fit all!

I want to understand each visitor’s priorities, interests and aspirations. The most memorable tours are those tailored to deliver a crafted fusion of sights, stories and experiences – just like the blending of a fine whisky!

I prepare for each event by undertaking extensive research and draw on personal experience, interests and networks to reveal and explain all facets of the Scottish nation.

Using the past to inform the present – I aim to bring Scotland’s story alive.

More than a tour…rather an unforgettable experience

“It’s not about the A to B. It’s about the unexpected joys and genuine moments of awe created by the insights, intrigue and invaluable memories offered by the entire alphabet.”
Anita Mendriatta, CNN Task Group/eTN   June 2012